Tonight in Paris, this Friday in Brussels


– picture: Stéphane Hervé –

“Thanatos” for electric bass

The premiere of “Thanatos” for electric bass performed by the composer on the 15th of January 2017 during Sunday Mass at the St. Matthew Church (Matthäuskirche) in Berlin.

“Noël” for Choir

Noël is a bittersweet Christmas choir piece I composed for the 5 years jubilee of Chorbeau. After the premiere of “Le Temps coule” by the Vocalconsort Leipzig in August 2016, it appeared to me very clearly that composing for the voice was something on which I shall concentrate in the future. The singing voice has something magical that touches the human heart so deeply. Noël had been on my mind for years and is not just another Christmas piece: it celebrates that special day but also remembers the permanent pain of the world.

Tonight: coming out at Trobairitz

Tonight is a big night for many reasons. One being that I will perform a complete new program involving my voice, my acoustic guitar and a healthy dose of french. More soon…


Tonight in Leipzig: première of “Noël” for choir.


Touring Europe for Redemption – Final round

Justin Lépany is flying tomorrow to Barcelona to start the third and final round of the Touring Europe for Redemption tour. 2 weeks on the road and 10 concerts in Spain, Portugal and France. Please go to Concerts for more information.


Tonight and tomorrow: TimeGeist II (Mini impro-festival curated by Justin Lépany)

5th and 6th of October 2016 – Concerts 20:30 (Doors 20:00)
Sowieso, Weisestrasse 24, 12049 Berlin


– TimeGeist II –

Ein Panorama der aktuellen Improvisationsszene

– 05.10: “Electric Night”:

Mia Zabelka (AUT) – violin
Korhan Erel (TUR) – electronics
Justin Lépany (FRA) – electric guitar
+ Alex Kozmidi (UKR) – electric guitar

– 06.10 “Singles Night”:

Mia Zabelka (AUT) – violin
+ Amine Mesnaoui (MAR) – piano
+ Justin Lépany (FRA) – electric guitar and voice
+ Samin Son (KOR) – electronics and voice

The video of “Le Temps coule” for Choir

Yesterday, today and tomorrow: premiere of “Le Temps coule” with the Vocalconsort Leipzig


Premiere of “Le Cosmogoniste” for piano

Tomorrow in Bonn: Susanne Kessel will premiere “Le Cosmogoniste” and several other piano pieces in the Bonn Kunstmuseum. The concert starts a 5 pm and occurs within the frame of the “250 pieces for Beethoven” project.