My guest show on Resonance FM

A mix dedicated to ambient music in the broadest and most circuitous sense, from the spiritual minimalism of Arvo Pärt to Fire-Toolz via the electronic sonorities of the humpback whale song or the bewitching voice of the Pakistani songstress Arooj Aftab.

Tonight 9 pm and monday 10 am (UK): guest show on Resonance FM

“People of Orphalese” for Choir (after Kahlil Gibran)

Tonight on Noods Radio at 9 pm (UK Time)

My guest show on LYL Radio

An experimental mix I made for LYL Radio and entirely dedicated to music for solo voice in all its forms and extremes. From the choir music of the Renaissance to the vocal experimentations of today, via Rosalía, the sacred minimalism of Arvo Pärt or a forest of the Central African Republic filled with the multiple chant of the Bayakas women.

Guest Mix on LYL Radio this thursday at 11 am (Paris time)

Tonight: solo performance in Loophole

“Temple of Leaves” for electronics (Live)

Tonight: solo performance at Petersbuger Art Space in Berlin

“Ave Nobilissima Creatura” for choir