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“L’Homme contre l’Homme” for the 100th anniversary of WWI armistice

Today is the 100th Anniversary of the armistice of WWI and the premiere of L’Homme contre l’Homme, a choir piece performed by 200 singers -including a children choir- within the frame of the official ceremony occurring on the very field where the last soldiers died on the 11th of November 1918. I have been working on the project for more than a year with the support of the François Sommer Foundation who commissioned the work and financed the whole creative and rehearsing process. Thank you very much to them, as well as to the team of Ardenne Métropole and the choirs and choir directors of Charleville-Mézières and Sedan involved in this project for their dedication and hard work. A video should be available soon.



“Was wollt ihr von mir” for choir and booze organ

The video of “Du siehst mich nicht” for choir

Tonight and Tomorrow in Berlin: premiere of my new choir piece “Du siehst mich nicht”


Back from Damascus

Happy new year everybody! I just came back from a beautiful trip that took me to Damascus via Beirut and Athens. Beside the joy of being in one of oldest and most beautiful city of the world, it was a great opportunity to meet and listen to several choirs from different horizons who are still very active despite the war. A very nice surprise was the unexpected opportunity to give a composition workshop in the Highest Institute of Music of Damascus (see picture below). The three days spent with seven young talented music students remains a beautiful memory and I hope to be able to come back soon.


Today in Berlin: Les Chants de Pierres

An evening with Gilbert & George

Today at 7 pm: opening of Gilbert & George’s exhibition “Scapegoating Images” at the St.-Matthäus Church in Berlin. I will perform a few of my compositions for solo electric guitar to open the evening .


Tonight in Paris, this Friday in Brussels


– picture: Stéphane Hervé –

“Thanatos” for electric bass

The premiere of “Thanatos” for electric bass performed by the composer on the 15th of January 2017 during Sunday Mass at the St. Matthew Church (Matthäuskirche) in Berlin.

“Noël” for Choir

Noël is a bittersweet Christmas choir piece I composed for the 5 years jubilee of Chorbeau. After the premiere of “Le Temps coule” by the Vocalconsort Leipzig in August 2016, it appeared to me very clearly that composing for the voice was something on which I shall concentrate in the future. The singing voice has something magical that touches the human heart so deeply. Noël had been on my mind for years and is not just another Christmas piece: it celebrates that special day but also remembers the permanent pain of the world.